Just A Few Testimonials


I’ve been dealing with right leg and foot pain for many years.  As a runner, I typically run and then drive home right away without stretching or using a foam roller.  This has led to many problems.  For months, I have been in pain all day and I finally made an appointment with Denise as she was highly recommended by a few people I know.  We discussed my problems. She got right to work and I could immediately feel the difference in my right leg.  It’s been 8 hours since my massage and my leg hasn’t felt this amazing in months!!!!  I know I need to work on self-care and this will be something to add to my monthly plans.  Thank you to Denise Boehm for working out my kinks today!!!

Dr. Liz White     Doctor of Audiology


Denise Boehm has kept my husband and me in an upright position and out of pain.  The woman has an uncanny ability to know exactly where your muscles or energy is off and can convince it to go back where it should be.  I’m also grateful that she doesn’t get tired of me asking questions and teaches me so I can help keep my husband in shape between visits to her.  She is an integral part of my health care, and she can never retire! Darlene M.




"Thank you, Denise Brace Boehm, for an incredible session yesterday. I feel so much better after the energy work you did. So peaceful today!!! Resting today and enjoying my Zen place. What a difference healing makes!!!!" Laurie O. "Denise Brace Boehm balanced my chakras for me. I wasn't sure what to expect if anything. I sure felt amazing afterward and have been much more in balance ever since! She also does a fantastic job with massage and reiki healing - I see her every week. Call her at 321-961-3846" Lisa Montgomery


Several months ago I moved to the Melbourne, FL area and sought out Denise Boehm for her massage therapy skills. Having used a skilled therapist in the past, I used my old therapist in Jensen Beach, FL to help find Denise. After several massages into our new relationship, I mentioned to Denise about these ear “spasms” I have. I would get hundreds a day, and I’ve asked various doctors and dentists about these “spasms” to no avail. Denise described CRT, Cranial Release Technique to me, suggesting that this might help. I decided to give it a try and Lo and Behold-after the first of six treatments, they were reduced to under 20 a day and after completion, they are virtually non-existent. I plan to incorporate this into my monthly preventative care. Laura D.


My husband and I own our own business, it is very physically challenging. We have also been in a couple of car accidents that have caused soft tissue injury. In the past, chiropractic treatment would help for a couple of days, but our work would always put us back in pain. On our first visit to Denise, she asked questions to determine what type of treatment would benefit us most. Over the next six weeks, Denise performed cranial release treatment on both of us. She was very attentive to how we were handling the sessions and made certain we were comfortable. It almost felt like she was having a conversation with my muscles that my brain wasn't necessarily aware of. We now see her every 3 to 5 weeks for maintenance. My husband’s spine stays aligned even after grueling weeks. Where I used to take Motrin 2 or three times a day for weeks on end, my headaches are now minimal and my Motrin intake is down to once every 2 or three weeks. Our chiropractic visits are now for severe injury only. I feel like she really cares about me and maybe more upset than I am about how badly I have to treat my muscles and spine for my work. The only thing she could do better is to let me fall asleep on the table when she's done.
Darlene and Ned Marcoux


I am so grateful for the healing I received from Lotus Heart.  A car
accident left me unable to walk comfortably or hold and carry my 7-month-old
little girl. After many MRI's and a lot of pain, I was told I needed
surgery. I surrounded myself with an amazing group of people including
Denise at Lotus Heart to help recover without surgery.  The healing I received was amazing.  Each week brought new challenges and different pain.  She knew
intuitively where to go and what to do. She helped me regain my life back.
I am forever grateful for their wealth of knowledge, wisdom, and amazing
talent.  I plan on making a visit to Lotus Heart a part of my ongoing good
health plan.