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The Benefits of Exercise for Fibromyalgia:
As one of the more common chronic pain syndromes affecting women, massage therapists are likely to encounter and counsel clients with fibromyalgia. Find out more about the value exercise has for those with this debilitating condition as well as information you can share with clients who have turned to you for treatment.
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How Massage Can Improve Heartburn Symptoms:
Approximately one-third of Americans have heartburn at least once a month, with 10 percent experiencing it daily. In addition to seeking a physician’s guidance, massage therapy can also help a person with this uncomfortable condition. Learn what massage modalities can assist individuals suffering from heartburn.
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Autistic Clients and the Value of Touch Therapy:
A neurological disorder affecting normal brain function, autism is a complex developmental disability that typically appears during the first three years of life. The safe and nurturing touch of therapeutic massage is being used more and more frequently as an accepted and innovative complementary treatment for children and adults with autism. Learn how you can help in treating this challenging disorder.
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Antidepressants Double Risk Of Bone Fracture:
Depression and osteoporotic fractures are common ailments among elderly persons. Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs) are frequently used in the treatment of depression in this population, and the association between daily SSRI use and fragility fractures is unclear. Our objective was to examinethe effect of daily SSRI use on the risk of incident clinical fragility fracture.
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brevard county fl massage therapy"Best Hands Ever".... Denise, thank you for the wonderful massage you have me last Friday. My back had really been feeling the stress of starting a new business and a number sleepless nights. Just one session with you has done wonders, I am sleeping better even a week later and my back pain is gone. God Bless you and your wonderful hands.
Pat Shankle 6/22/2010


Benefits to you:
My goal is to work with you to create a progressive improvement plan that meets your needs. Whether you are dealing with stress, preventing or treating repetitive motion injuries, managing chronic pain, or working a proactive wellness program I can make you feel like a new person.
What makes me unique is that I am not driven by a 50-minute clock because I approach each session as a treatment and each treatment is driven by what is in your best interest. I combine a variety of therapies to help bring your body back into balance